Welcome to the Alberta HCA Bridging Modules

The Government of Alberta has launched a new Health Care Aide (HCA) Curriculum. Four self-study bridging modules were developed to help upgrade health care aides to the new HCA Curriculum (2019) specifications based on the updated HCA Competency Profile (2018). The modules are Dementia, Mental Health and Addictions, Palliative and End-of-Life Care, and Professional Development. Successfully completing these modules will bring HCAs up-to-date with the current healthcare standards and best practices.

The modules can be completed one at a time or may be taken over several sessions (e.g. one after the other, or in no particular order). Once you have completed all four Bridging Modules, you will receive a Verification of Completion. This document can be used to show that you have met the Curriculum (2019) requirements.

These Bridging Modules are free of charge but are ONLY available through the Alberta HCA Directory. Therefore, you need to login to your account at the Alberta HCA Directory, and click on the link to be automatically taken to this website.

Congratulations on continuing  your HCA education to grow your knowledge and skills.